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We are dedicated to preserving our hunting and fishing heritage along with sharing our adventures with fellow sportsman. We are
stewards of the land and in managing our wildlife, forest, wetlands and waters to the best of our abilities.

Additionally, we are redefining the term "trophy." Here at Wicked Stick Outdoors, LLC we believe that the "trophy" is in the eye of
the beholder, not what a book, measuring tape or scales tell us. Whether it is for the freezer or for the wall, all of mother nature's
gifts are trophies.

We are here to represent the voice of the average sportsman. We believe in using and promoting effective products that are
available on the market through our productions and other media outlets. These products must not only be effective but affordable
as well. We are advocates of exposing first time hunters, youths, physically challenged, our military (past and present), along with
others through providing them avenues to become more diversified sports men and women. We believe everyone has a place in the
outdoors and do not discriminate against any hunting types or methods. As Wicked Stick Outdoors, LLC we are a diverse team that
use multiple methods of hunting, fishing and trapping. We love the outdoors and share a passion to share it with everyone!

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About Wicked Stick Outdoors

Wicked Stick Outdoors, LLC was founded by Darren and Serena Lione as an avenue to share hunting and fishing experiences with
other sports men and women. Darren Lione is an experienced hunter and fisherman along with over 20 years in the forest industry
business. His wife, Serena, has always enjoyed shooting, fishing and the outdoors. However, it was not until she met Darren that her
love for hunting was truly revealed. She is now a diverse sport woman and has found the passion for sharing her experiences and
helping preserve our heritage as general outdoors men and women. Together they share this passion and want to make a difference
in the outdoor industry.

This would not be possible without the help of other dedicated sport men and women that can be seen under the Team page. This
group brings a tremendous amount of knowledge and passion with them. Wicked Stick Outdoors, LLC would not be possible without
each and every one of them. We are all different but have the same goal and that is what makes this team so special. Darren and
Serena Lione feel very blessed to be on a team with such extraordinary people!

Darren Lione
Dublin, VA

I grew up in the upstate of South Carolina where I
developed a passion for the outdoorsat a very early
age. I now reside in Southwest Virginia with my family
where my love for the outdoors grows more everyday.
I am very passionate about getting others involved in
our rich heritage of hunting, trapping, fishing and all
things in the great outdoors!

Wicked Stick Outdoors Team Members

Scott “Fitzy” Fitzgerald
Rockton, IL

Fitzy from Outlaw Swamp and proud
member of WSO.
  When I’m not working
my time is spent outdoors with my
family and friends…I dig this journey!

Serena Lione
Dublin, VA

Growing up in southwest Virginia fishing and hunting
has always been a way of life here. I have fished
since I was old enough to hold a fishing rod, and
always fished with my Grandpa. It wasn't until I met
my husband, Darren that my passion for hunting was
found. Although I have always enjoyed shooting I was
never introduced to the rush of hunting. As a wife,
mother and huntress, I hope to pass on my love for
chasing white tail, spring gobblers and the fishing
tradition down to my children.

Pat Senzing
Madison, WI

A hard working family man with a passion
for the outdoors.

  Casey Ryczek
    Outlaw Swamp Outdoor Adventures

    I have been hunting and fishing the woods
    and waters of Wisconsin, Illinois, and
    Minnesota since I was a kid. I have made
    some of the best memories of my life
    hunting and fishing with my friends and

     Henry Hall
        Christiansburg, VA

        I am addicted to chasing Whitetail deer
        with a bow. love showing my
        experiences with others. It's not just a
        hobby, it's a passion of mine.

  Chad Jackson
   Milton, WI
   Introduced to the sport of hunting and fishing
   by my father at the age of 6 years old in my
   home state of Wisconsin, has become not
   only an enjoyable and relaxing activity, but
   also an undeniable passion. The fair chase of
   big whitetails is a year round grind that can
   pay off in a matter of seconds…….but that’s
what we live for. Spending time in the woods, behind the camera
and in camp with good friends sharing hunting stories, both
successful and not so successful are the privileges that I embrace
and cherish as an outdoorsman. I am both proud excited to be a
part of Wicked Stick Outdoors and look forward to sharing our
great outdoor experiences with our fellow sportsman.



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